A Plug-And-Play Forex Trading Algorithm That Is Generating Passive Income ! 

Here Is What You Are Getting...

Stellar returns

It is a well know fact that S&P 500 index averages 7% YoY. ALM algorithm averages around 25-30% returns year over year based on our extensive backtesting and live trading.

Capital protection

With robust technology and advanced risk management settings that ALM algorithm offers you can rest assured that you will always be able to react timely and protect your capital. ALM algorithm is build to last and offer safe and steady rate of returns year over year.


Trading is very lonely profession. There is a reason why trading professionals group together and exchange the very best ideas among them. That is why we are building a community of likeminded people passionate about trading. By claiming access to ALM Pro algorithm you are getting access to the very same community. 

24/7 Support

Day and night and night and day, we are here to support and help our members. Whenever you feel you need help just send as an email and rest assured that we will reply and try to resolve your issue ASAP.-

Updates & Improvements

As markets evolve and change we adopt and improve. Our team keeps updating our proprietary algorithm successfully increasing the returns, lowering drowdowns and introducing new options to it for all of our members and community without additional charges.

Training & New Strategies

We believe in diversification and ongoing education. Hence we tend to share some of our best trading strategies with our members. When you join the membership you can study and test those at your convenience.